A comprehensive and informative reference for all known Halo related phrases, terms, names and more in one place.

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Assault Rifle - Common weapon used in Halo, rapidly fires automatic shells.

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Banshee - Name for one of the covenants aircraft.

BAT - Acronym for "Big-Ass Tank", a tank in Halo named by the community; See screenshot.

Battleground: Halo - One of the major Halo fan sites and soon to be PlanetHalo.

BGH - See Battleground: Halo

BOB - Acronym for "Born On Board", meaning a human marine that was born aboard a military craft, and raised to be a soldier, by soldiers.

Bounty - Public Relations Manager for Battleground: Halo.

Buggy - See Warthog.

Bullets - Human/Marine munition primarily used in Halo.

Bungie Studios - Development house developing Halo.

Bungie.net - Bungie's online gaming service, similar to battle.net or Westwood Online.

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Capture the Flag - Multiplayer mode variant originally developed in Quake. Both teams have a flag, the goal is to capture and retrieve the enemy flag to your base.

Catachan - Site Director of BattleGround: Halo.

Cortana - The female AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice that assits you, the main character throughout the game with helpful hints and tips.

Covenant - The alien baddies in Halo, aim at them while playing single player and you should do just fine.

Covenant (Elite) - The Elite covenant are the tall purple ones that walk on two feet and can take one hell of a beating.

Covenant (Jackal) - Type of alien, apart of the Covenant race that is very small but can produce a wicked energy shield and blaster that can do damage.

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d-trexx - Content Director on Battleground: Halo. Previously known as Protector.

Deathmatch - Standard 'run of the mill' multiplayer mode in which the goal is to kill everyone but yourself.

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E3 - Acronym for "Electronic Entertainment Expo", probably the biggest convention of games and electronics in the world, runs in May each year.

Elite - See Covenant (Elite)

Energy - Primary Covenant munition used in Halo.

Energy Sword - One-handed Covenant weapon used for melee (up and personal) attacks.

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First-Person Perspective - Way in which to view a game while playing, viewing through the character's eyes.

Flank - Side of an army, or of any division of an army, as of a brigade, regiment, or battalion; the extreme right or left; as, to attack an enemy in flank is to attack him on the side.

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Ghosts - See Banshee.

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Halo Updates - Also known as Weekly updates. The weekly updates were progress reports from Halo's development team summed up by Matt Soell, which various sites including ourselves received every Friday before Halo's release on Xbox.

HBO - Halo.Bungie.Org, One of the major Halo fan sites.

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Inverse Kinematics - See overview page.

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Jackal - See Covenant (Jackal)

Jeep - See Warthog.

Joseph Staten - Bungie Studios employee, well known Halo demonstrator.

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Kinematics - See Inverse Kinematics.

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Louis Wu - Staff member of HBO.

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Machete - Human melee weapon used at extremely close range, potentially cut from the game.

Marine - The Marine is a highly sophisticated battle unit. This is also your character in Halo.

Marty O'Donnell - Lead audio engineer of TotalAudio, the company doing sound for Halo.

Matt Soell - Community Guy / Keeper of the Bungie Way.

Microsoft - Publisher of Halo, maker of Xbox and overseer of Bungie Studios as of 2nd quarter 2000.

Minigun - Humans' large multiple barreled weapon that fires ammunition at an extremely fast rate.

Multipass Texture Mapping - See overview page.

MWNY - Acronym for "Macworld New York", where Halo was first unveiled by Steve Jobs.

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Noctavis - Staff member of Rampancy.net.

NPC - Acronym for "Non Player Characters". They are the characters you see in games that are computer controlled that you can either directly or non-directly interact with. In Halo, the marines who accompany you on the jeep can be considered NPCs.

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Pelican - Other name for the human dropship.

Per-pixel Reflections - See overview page.

Pillar of Autumn - Ship on which Marines on Halo orginally crashed onto the Halo.

Plasma Pistol - This is one of the weapons that the Covenant use. Primarily, this weapon is only used by the Grunts and the Jackals. Can be used by the player.

Plasma Rifle - This is another weapon that the Covenant use. It is only carried by the Covenant Elite, so is relatively rare. Can be used by the player.

Polygon Scaling - See overview page.

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Rapid-Fire Energy Rifle - Covenant equivalent of the human assault rifle, however instead of bullets it uses energy.

Reaper7 - Communications Director on Battleground: Halo.

Rocket Launcher - Human weapon in Halo, targets either air or ground targets, long range.

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Shadow - The Shadow is a Covenant vehicle that never made the final game. It can be seen in the E3 movie, and looks to be something like the Covenant version of a Warthog. Armed with a plasma cannon and ability to hover.

Shotgun - 1. Weapon in Halo that is most effective at close range. 2. Riding along side the driver of a vehicle.

silverx10 - silverx10 is one of the news posters here at Battleground: Halo.

Sniper - Skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.

Sniper Rifle - Human/covenant weapon that can kill enemies at extremely long ranges without uncovering the shooter.

SonicStorm - Site Director on Battleground: Halo.

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Third-Person Perspective - Way in which to view a game while playing, viewing from behind the main character's back and to see all around them.

TotalAudio - Company that is helping Bungie with Halo's 3d sound design, voices and music.

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Volumetric Lighting - See overview page.

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Warthog - Human vehicle, A.K.A. the jeep or buggy. Extremely agile and fast with rear-mounted customizable weapon.

Wraith - The Wraith is also known as the Covenant Mortar Tank. The Wraith is inaccessible to your player or the other assistant BOB's on your side.

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X-Box - Platform on which Halo primarily developed for, see Microsoft.

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